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Le Glacier

Le Glacier is a traditional French brasserie which serves delicious seafood platters and mouth-watering homemade seasonal dishes using locally sourced ingredients.

With an eye-catching fish station in the restaurant’s front of house, fresh seafood is showcased to guests to enhance their dining experience.


Le Glacier used the following products



Le Glacier had limited space available at their impressive fish station, so required refrigeration equipment which would maximise storage and help increase efficiency.

It was essential that their high-quality seafood and ingredients would be kept at a consistent, food-safe temperature to ensure all remain fresh and flavoursome.

Easy-to-clean units which help ensure the highest hygiene standards were vital to them as well, not only due to chefs prepping raw ingredients, but also because the units are situated in the main restaurant, in view of diners.

TCRs can be configured with doors or drawers to suit your service and requirements.
Maximise storage capacity in limited sized kitchens with True’s slimline models.


True Refrigeration were proud to recommend their T-15 upright cabinet due to its slimline size, which would suit the limited space available at the fish station. With heavy-duty shelving, they are adjustable to maximise usable capacity.

The T-Series range also offers the best in food preservation, with state-of-the-art temperature control, which is essential for correctly storing raw seafood whilst maintaining utmost flavour and freshness.

True additionally suggested their TCR counters, which can be conveniently configured for a range of spaces and are easy to keep clean. Featuring a unique “E” shaped slide system, they are designed to be compatible with full sized Gastronorm trays.


True Refrigeration delivered a solution which ensured the preservation of all ingredients and provided ample storage, with slimline appliances specifically designed to address limited floor space.

The equipment has allowed Le Glacier to maintain highest cleanliness standards and deliver exquisite, fresh seafood platters.

Since the success of their fish station, Le Glacier plan to work with True again to improve the restaurant’s kitchen, a project True is enthusiastic to collaborate on.



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