Jureskogs, Stockholm

Delivering Sweden’s best burger with flexible, durable and reliable refrigeration

Exciting burger concept, Jureskogs, fills the gap for customers seeking gourmet flavor with fast-food delivery.

Recently opening their third outlet in Stockholm, Jureskogs is the realization of Johan Jureskog’s dream to perfect the much-loved burger, now proudly serving food that is better than almost any burger that can be found among Sweden’s fast food outlets.

Jureskogs philosophy extends beyond the burger bun, to offer food that is better for the environment and for animal welfare.

Customer enjoyment is the main focus of restaurants, with food that’s served within 5 minutes of ordering, flexible options, and gourmet flavors at affordable prices. Concepts also need to be visually appealing, with a direct line of sight into the kitchen.

To meet all of these requirements Jureskogs needed a refrigeration supplier that could help them keep food fresh, meet their environmental objectives, ensure waste is kept to a minimum and looks good. True Refrigeration had everything they needed.

Efficiency is essential for Jureskogs

Co-Founder and Chief Operations Officer Ludvig Jureskog said;

‘Me and my brother are both relationship people, we want to establish relationships with the people that we’re working with. We want to work with good brands and grow together with them.

True have been really helpful to us when we opened this restaurant, with equipment in the kitchen from freezers to coolers, they’ve been really good to us.’

Equipment That Can ‘Take a Beating’ During Service

High-quality ingredients that deliver on flavor are essential for Jureskogs. They require products that not only keep produce at optimum temperatures, without wasting energy, but are also durable enough to keep up with a demanding service – day after day.

Customers have many options, and with such flexibility and food made fresh to order and in full view of diners, Jureskogs needed a solution that offered easy access to ingredients for chefs working quickly in a small space.

The products specified would need to deliver on performance, reliability, value, and style, due to the open nature of the kitchen.

Refrigeration that can keep up with high demand

Louise Westhoff, Restaurant Manager, said;

‘We need to have everything working great and holding temperatures, being eco-friendly and keeping ingredients nearby during service. The chefs we have here absolutely love the kitchen. We work fast, so the kitchen needs to take a bit of a beating, and it really does.’

True supplied Prep Tables to allow chef’s easy access to ingredients, placed in gastronorm pans for easy storage after preparation and allowing cool airflow around food products for consistent temperatures throughout service.

Energy Efficient to Deliver Jureskogs' Environmental Goals

The products supplied to Jureskogs also included the T-series.

Energy-efficient refrigeration was a crucial element for Jureskogs. With a brand message focused on sustainability, freshness and high-welfare meat, products needed to reflect this philosophy.

Products supplied by True Refrigeration mirror their ‘Be Ready’ commitment to the environment, utilizing refrigerants and technology that surpass today’s sustainability requirements and offer products that are future-proofed for changes in environmental legislation. This gave Jureskogs the confidence that their kitchen would maintain the freshness of the food they serve, while minimally impacting the environment.


Jureskogs demonstrates the importance of refrigeration for a brand that relies on freshness and sustainability, working with the industry’s best partners to achieve their goals.

True is proud to work in partnership with Jureskogs, giving this up-and-coming brand the ability to deliver consistency across their growing venues.

For a better burger, keep an eye out for a Jureskogs restaurant near you.

Sustainability and freshness are incredibly important for Jureskogs

- Micke Roos, Operations Manager, Jureskogs:

“Because we are so sure of our equipment we can focus on making the best burgers in Sweden. That’s what is important to us and that’s why we choose high-quality equipment.

That’s why we have chosen True."