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Add a splash of colour to your business with Customisation from True

We make refrigeration that stands out

Most True products can be customised in a wide variety of colours, allowing you to create unique and personalised cabinets that match your business and brand.

Our process includes a superior metal pre-treatment system that maximises the adhesion of the powder coating to the metal, giving the surface a smooth, more even finish and preventing chipping. The process generates almost zero VOC emissions, protecting the earth’s ozone layer.

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Take your customisation to the next level with Hardware

In addition colour customisation of product interior and exteriors, we also offer special custom “Hardware” options on some product types, highlighting elements such as door handles, hinges and locks in unique finishes (Chrome, Brass, Pewter & Gold).

Get inspired below, and then get in touch to see if Hardware options are available for your dream product.

SPEC3: build and aesthetics upgrade Package

True’s SPEC3 product enhancement package is available on True undercounter, worktop and prep table products, featuring a number of build and aesthetic upgrades over the standard product, including heavy duty 16 gauge stainless steel front and countertop, stainless steel interior, lifetime guaranteed heavy duty all metal door/drawer handle, and locks.

SPEC3 handles can be further customised with our Hardware options.

For more information on the availability and benefits of our SPEC3 update, get in touch.

TruLumina: next-generation lighting

Currently available TBR & TDR prodicucts, TruLumina® is a next-generation lighting solution from True, providing 14 unique adjustable colour options for interior product illumination.

Create different moods and ambiance by adjusting your product display to enhance your offering. ‘All day’ operators might opt for a bright illumination throughout the day through breakfast and lunch, but when the tables are packed away and the DJ and drinks service is in full swing, adjust to a more attention-grabbing hue.

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