Pizza Cosy, France.

Helping pizza chain take a bite out of the competition.

Pizza Cosy was established with the goal of injecting some start-up spirit into the stagnant pizza market.

This is a story of two friends who put together all their savings to start their first pizzeria in 2010.

With the passion to create a new, experience-driven pizza concept, today Pizza Cosy has 15 locations, the majority located in the Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes region of France.


Pizza Cosy works only with fresh products, all of them prepared each day before the stores open. Dough is made fresh every day using Italian wheat flour, their tomato sauce uses fresh basil, and their carefully selected toppings include quality meats and fresh vegetables.

To preserve the quality of these ingredients, maintaining the right temperature is key.

The creation of every pizza is an experience for each customer. The whole process is on display, from forming the dough, selecting individual ingredients, to placing in the oven and serving. Working in front of the client means demonstrating the importance of food hygiene and safe storage temperatures.

Offering pizza through three different channels (dine-in, takeaway and home delivery) also means some extremely busy service periods. Pizza Cosy have been known to prepare and serve over 1,000 pizzas in a single day, so their kitchen equipment needs to be dependable and with capacity large enough to handle an operation of this scale.

Nothing goes better with pizza than an ice-cold beverage, followed by ice cream!

Pizza Cosy also serves a selection of drinks and artisanal frozen desserts in their restaurants, which require correct storage temperatures, to be served at their refreshing best. To entice customers, these offerings are displayed front of house.

High-capacity preparation space with easy access to ingredients helps to speed-up Pizza Cosy’s service


The largest product from True’s Pizza Prep table range, our TPP-119, allows Pizza Cosy chefs to prepare up to ten pizzas at the same time on a preparation area which spans over 3 meters in length.

Supplied with 15 1/3 GN toppings pans and featuring a huge refrigerated undercounter storage area, even the busiest pizza operators won’t find themselves running out of prepared ingredients, and can be assured that their fresh, quality toppings are being preserved at optimum temperatures.

At Pizza Cosy locations, even though the pizza oven is located close behind their True Pizza Prep table, producing heat up to 300 degrees in a high ambient temperature restaurant, toppings stored in the easily accessible ingredient pans remain fresh and safe to consume thanks to True’s advanced refrigeration systems.

For their beverage and ice cream storage and display requirements, Pizza Cosy chose products from True’s Glass Door Merchandiser (GDM) range.

Our GDM-33 is a small footprint, large capacity, display refrigerator featuring sliding glass doors for easy access to a wide range of beverages, chilled to thirst-quenching temperatures between 0.5 and 3.3°C.

For their locally produced, natural, ice creams, Pizza Cosy use a matching GDM-23F glass door display freezer.

True GDM products feature illuminated sign panels which Pizza Cosy has customised with their own branding and specified in a black exterior finish to complement the décor of their stores.

Custom-branded refrigeration which blends with the environment helps to create stunning displays


Pizza Cosy chose to work with True because of their need for quality equipment to enhance their operational efficiencies. An application-specific prep table is the centrepiece of this process.

Their TPP prep tables enable them to prepare and preserve a large amount of fresh ingredients, stored and easily accessible at the point of pizza creation, allowing Pizza Cosy chefs to demonstrate in full view of their customers the freshness and high quality of ingredients which they use.

Fresh ingredients are the key to perfect pizza

- Guillaume Thevenet, Franchisee, Pizza Cosy Rouanne:

“Fresh ingredients have to be kept at a consistent temperature of 2 or 3 degrees. Our True prep table allows us to do this. It is a critical element of our operation.

Our True equipment is always working, constantly maintaining great temperatures and also helping us to achieve cost savings in terms of energy use.”