The True Pizza Workshop

Europeans eat more pizza than almost anyone else in the world. In fact, they’re the world’s second-biggest pizza consumers, right up there with the Americans.

The pizza market is huge in the UK, from the big QSR and delivery chains, to smaller artisan operators and independents. You wouldn’t be surprised to see a pizza offering on a pub food menu today, such is the demand for the traditionally Italian dish.

Competition and demands of the customer for ever-fresher, higher-quality ingredients have forced operators to up their game.

As with all kitchen operations, refrigeration is a core component of the modern pizzeria.

Creative new concepts are revitalising the pizza market with new approaches, selecting the finest ingredients and designing innovative new looks for the traditional pizzeria. To help pizza chefs craft mouth-watering pizzas in record time, True has designed the most ergonomic prep tables in the industry.

With all ingredients within reach and perfectly preserved in refrigerated cabinets, our tables make prepping as efficient as possible… even in the busiest kitchens!