The True Bakery Café Market

The bakery café market is booming.

Bakeries and sandwich shops are shifting from a grab-and-go model to a cozy coffee and tea house atmosphere. The value-added services they provide go beyond bread to a universal product that’s always being updated while remaining a key part of our culinary heritage.

The market focuses increasingly on gourmet snacks, both savoury and sweet, inspired by local traditions or world food trends.

Foodies continue to be more and more discerning about the food they consume and promote, eschewing economy sliced loaves for specialty breads and heritage quality.

Craft bakers, pâtissiers, cheesemakers and confectioneries are seeing a big increase in demand for their traditionally created produce because consumers can see and taste the difference.

While production techniques are a heritage fiercely preserved, modern refrigeration equipment still has a pivotal role to play.

The lack of preservatives and chemicals in many of these products means they can remain fresher for longer, if properly stored.

From general refrigerated storage, to sandwich prep tables, to high-end desert and deli display cases, the True range has your solution.

With True’s glass door refrigerators and display cases, customers can choose from an array of full meals, salads, and pastries to enjoy on the spot or on-the-go.

Very easy to clean and stock with fresh products, these practical, attractive, and robust refrigerators and display cases are a top point-of-purchase base for any concept.